Beat Holiday Stress with These Yoga Poses

Yoga Medicine teacher Dana Diament for Yoga Digest on some poses to beat holiday stress and find some moments of relaxation in the chaos.

4 Yoga Poses to Find Stillness Amidst the Holiday Chaos

Let’s face it – the holiday season is a time of year loved for its excitement but dreaded for its chaos. Despite how early we get started, the to-do list seems never-ending. The wild goose chase hunting down just the right presents. Late nights in the office meeting deadlines. Organizing the perfect holiday get-together for the extended family. We keep going and going, convincing ourselves we are the energizer bunny or its close cousin.

Caught up in the frenzy of getting it all done, it’s easy to forget about a small important detail. For best results, our batteries do need to be recharged. A yoga practice that encourages stillness can be just the right tonic to leave you feeling invigorated and grounded, and ready for another round of merrymaking.

Check out the 4 yoga poses here.

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