Hip Pain Without Clear Cause: Case Study

Nadia is a yoga teacher who has been experiencing hip pain, and pain in her left leg for several months. Presently, she is unable to fully abduct the leg and has had constant pain in her inner groin area. Nadia has had scans done that reveal she has an abductor origin enthesopathy with no evidence of a muscle pathology.

Nadia is concerned because the adductor pain is limiting her yoga practice significantly and is concerned the hip pain won’t dissipate without further attention.

Diagram of the hip joint. Used to evaluate hip pain and mobility issues.

Using OPQRST we have gathered the following details regarding her issue.

O: Pain for several months in her left leg. Client is unaware at what initially caused the issue.
P: Client is unable to fully abduct her left leg.  Pain in triangle pose and prasarita padottanasana.
Q: Client reports constant sharp pain throughout the affected area when practicing. She also said the top of her upper inner groin is warm to touch. She says the severity of the pain subsides to dull ache when she is not practicing.
R: left groin area.
S: Severe since she can’t practice yoga and load the hip without feeling pain.
T: Pain leg for at least 4 months. Client advised she has had right side psoas issues for a long time, possibly years, but this pain has been longer than the duration of the leg pain.

*Yoga Medicine would love to hear from you on what you would test and how you would treat  Nadia’s evaluation?

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