Creating A Home Yoga Studio: The Benefits & A How-To

By a Yoga Medicine® Contributor.

Life can be a lot to handle at times. Between the demands from our personal lives, work and current events, it’s important to find effective ways to boost your mental health, especially at home. One way to make sure serenity is a top priority for you is to create a home yoga studio.

Check out some of the benefits and a few ‘how-to’ tips for your own personal yoga

The Benefits

When it comes to having a yoga studio in your home, the biggest benefit is undoubtedly ease of access. Life gets busy, and with that, things get put on the back burner. Still, it’s important to take at least 10 minutes a day for meditation in your busy life. Having your own home yoga studio means you’re better able to prioritize your health, wellness and mindfulness.

Instead of having to go to a studio with other people, you’re able to stay in the comfort of your own home and practice yoga at your own pace. You also have the option to virtually join classes or utilize your own routine; practicing in your own personal studio means every session is tailored completely to you.

Another benefit is having the ability to customize your environment. This can be the space itself (which we’ll get more into in the next section), but it can also mean adjusting the extras to fit your personal preferences. For example, we’re more in tune with our senses when practicing yoga and meditation. With this in mind, you can use essential oils at your preferred strength in the room for added relaxation. The same can be said for music, both the type and volume.

How To Create a Home Yoga Studio

Now that we know some of the benefits, it’s time to look at how you can create your own yoga studio at home. There are a few key aspects to look at here:

The Room

When choosing the location of your home yoga studio, the biggest consideration is obviously where you’re able to make space. This can be a spare bedroom or even part of a basement. Look for somewhere where you can easily eliminate distractions to focus on being in the moment and improving your mindfulness.

In either case, you’ll probably need to make some renovations to the room you choose. Depending on the extent of the renovations needed, you might require some extra funding to realize the vision you have for your studio. Consider utilizing the equity you’ve built in your home with a HELOC as a tax deductible, low interest financing option. If you haven’t built enough equity in your home, you could opt for a personal loan as an alternate option.

The Structure

One renovation you might need to make is changing up the structure of the room. This could include changing the texture of the walls, replacing the flooring, installing new windows, and more. To help you focus and be in the moment as you’re practicing yoga in your new studio, you should also consider soundproofing the room.

For this, you can either bring in a professional or figure out how to soundproof the room yourself if you’re feeling crafty.

The Color

The color of your space matters. Having too loud or intense of a palette in your yoga studio could defeat the purpose of the space. Because this is a place where you’re supposed to relax, de-stress and be mindful, make sure you’re using soothing paint colors and accents.

The Decor

To help carry the soothing and tranquil feeling from the color palette, make sure your studio’s decor evokes the same feelings. Carry forward the ideas of inspiration, reflection and peace by creating an altar for your yoga room to ensure your stress is left at the door. You can even incorporate a small water element, like a table-top fountain, for the calming sounds of nature and a beautiful decorative element.

The Accessories

With your new home yoga studio, make sure you’re outfitted with the best accessories to make use of your space. Complement your redesigned space with one of the best yoga mats to get maximum comfort. Also, be sure to optimize your practice with the right clothing so you’re able to get the best use out of your newly created home yoga studio.

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