India Seva: Charities Empowering Girls and Women

India Seva Project participant Katja shares her personal experience in Kolkata and how charities empowering girls and women are enacting lasting social change. Katja’s moving essay highlights the importance of economic & educational empowerment. She details the various ways the funds we raised are supporting the women and children rescued from sex trafficking and other human rights abuse.

Katja’s article is a reminder that we have the opportunity to leave a profound impact on these communities. For more information about our #indiasevaproject, please visit the India Seva page.

Communities Empowering Communities

“What struck me about vitising the shelters in Kolkata, was that I felt empowered too. From feeling like “this is all too much” and “what can I do?” – I ended up feeling more powerful than I ever have.”


To read the full article, click here.

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