Sugar Cravings: How Meditation Can Help you Beat Them

Mia De Graaf for DailyMail shares the ultimate guide to beat sugar. Learn how meditation can play a key role in beating sugar cravings. How? Keep reading.

Sugar cravings

The ultimate guide to beating sugar: From meal prep to meditation, 7 ways to keep YOUR January diet on track

January is in full swing, and the internet is buzzing with detoxes, juice cleanses, gym memberships… the lot. But almost two weeks in, we all start to feel the pinch. That’s when sugar cravings set in. Our brains fantasize about sugar when we’re thirsty, hungry, tired, or under-caffeinated – yearning for a quick hit, like a drug. However, succumbing to the sweet stuff is the worst thing you can do.  Two weeks into January diets, cravings start to kick in. Here are tips on how to fight them…

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