5 Morning Habits Health Experts Swear By

Morning stretch

By Locke Hughes.

Every morning, the choices you make can set the tone for your entire day and affect your health, for better or worse. Unfortunately, we all know how easy it is to get off track when you feel pulled in a million directions as soon as the alarm goes off.  Still, creating healthy a.m. habits pays off. Making time for a balanced breakfast, for example, helps you stay at a healthy weight and can stabilize blood sugar levels. Morning workouts are also a boon for your body: People who exercise in the morning may burn more body fat and stress less.

Plus, there’s more to a successful morning routine than eating right and exercising. Many top health experts take advantage of the quiet morning hours to set goals and practice mindfulness, which is a research-backed way to boost your brainpower, increase focus, handle stress better, and improve your relationships. Read on to learn the top five ways health experts take care of their physical (and mental) health every single a.m.
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"Just shifting your ability to approach your yoga practice as a form of medicine can be really powerful." Tiffany Cruikshank