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A Flexible Life: Amy Sedgwick

Living without a roadmap, finding fulfillment and other lessons from physician and yoga instructor Amy Sedgwick.

Amy has just returned from a weeklong yoga training. “I’ve been pursuing this 500-hour teacher certification for some time,” she says between sips of tea. She’s sitting at her kitchen island and her dark hair is up in a loose ponytail. Around her, signs of family life point toward the everyday chaos of getting two young daughters out the door in time for school. The previous night, she worked a long shift at InterMed, where she is an emergency physician, yet she seems rested. It must be from all the yoga.

Or perhaps it’s just her inner reserves of strength.

Amy Sedgwick Flexible Life

About Amy Sedgwick

amy-sedgwickIn addition to practicing emergency medicine, Amy owns a yoga studio, Riverbend Yoga, in Yarmouth, Maine tto provide a space for people to learn how to affect their own health and resilience from within.  The community at Riverbend has grown immensely. She has found many of her medical colleagues refer their patients to Riverbend as well as gravitate to the practice with her. This has become a very fulfilling path and continues to inspire Amy as she seeks more knowledge and understanding of how we human beings can optimize well being and affect positive change in our communities.

Amy attended Wellesley College and earned a B.A. in Economics. She then spent several years working in New York City for an investment bank.  After realizing that she was much more suited to taking care of people, she went on to earn a M.D. at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.  From there completed she Emergency Medicine residency at Maine Medical Center where she continues to work.  Amy has also worked at InterMed, P.A. taking care of patients across the spectrum. Amy completed her 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga training under Jacqui Bonwell have pursued further yoga training with Josh Summers, Johnny Gillespie, Karin Gurtner and Tom Myers.

She feels so fortunate to now be in the midst of completing a 500-hr certification with Tiffany Cruikshank. Tiffany continues to inspire her quest for a deeper understanding of this beautiful practice.  Amy has two sweet daughters, Alexis (9) and Gabrielle (7)and a wonderful husband, Peter. Amy has competed in over 30 marathons and several Ironman and 1/2 Ironman races. She finds some of her best moments simply walking in the woods.

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By Katy Kelleher. Photos by Lauryn Hottinger

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