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69: Yoga to End Human Trafficking: The Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation – Past, Present & Future

Today host Tiffany talks with Amanda B. Cunningham, director of Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation, about [...]

37: Lead with Heart, Yoga as Service with Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham

Compassion and service are at the heart of yoga philosophy. Many of us see overwhelming [...]

Trauma’s Impact on Our Communities: Lessons Sent from India

By Amanda B. Cunningham for SWAAY. Many of us may be feeling overwhelmed or helpless, [...]

The Kinetic Fitness Show Podcast Interview

Ali West interviews Megan Kearney for his The Kinetic Fitness Show Podcast. How To Live A Longer, Healthier, [...]

The Definitive Yoga Guide for Everyone

Tiffany Cruikshank and the Yoga Medicine Team share a comprehensive yoga guide with Healthline. Check out this guide for [...]

Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham Interview for Hemalayaa

Hemalayaa & Yoga Medicine teacher Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham interview about how to embody divine female energy [...]

17 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Increase Metabolism

By Hallie Levine and Diana Vilibert for Redbook Magazine. Ever wonder why your best friend can go through [...]

Fight Workplace Fatigue with Yoga at Work

By Amanda Bonfiglio-Cunningham.  Yoga at work beats workplace fatigue! As a studio owner and full-time [...]

Break Free From a Monotonous Yoga Routine

Expert Tips: Break Free From a Monotonous Yoga Routine Yoga casts its charm over us [...]

Mindfulness: The New Years Resolution You Should Keep

Lindsay Tigar from Bustle shares some tips on how to fulfill your New Years Resolution by learning [...]

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