Break Free From a Monotonous Yoga Routine

Expert Tips: Break Free From a Monotonous Yoga Routine

Yoga casts its charm over us with all its flexible and tranquil poses. Especially in the beginning, during our honeymoon phase with yoga,  we live in this haze of yogic enchantment. However, as it often happens, time comes as a spoiler, we learn to master the simple asanas and finally the head and handstands, the enchantment diminishes and yoga becomes a monotonous routine. This is especially true for many yogis who practice the art at home.

As our yoga regime becomes more and more a part of our predictable routine, sooner or later we may find our practice dwindling. Why? The clear culprit for this lack of motivation is boredom!!!

The human mind craves creativity – repetitive routines make yoga teachers shirk their practice and push students to drop their memberships. This lack of interest and concentration also increases risk of injuries.

So, how can we get out of this rut and continue with our healthy routine without feeling apathetic? To help you find your answers, Yoga With Sapna brings to you valuable expert advice from renowned yogis from around the world. These yogis have “been there, done that” and come out victorious in their struggles.

Yoga Medicine’s senior yoga teacher, Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham says:

“According to the forest bathing organization, Shinrin Yoku in L.A., being among the trees offers both physical and mental health benefits. From lowered stress levels to an increase in mindfulness, fervent believers are boasting rave results. So if your practice feels monotonous, take it on a date! In this active form of meditation, tune in to nature’s ability to awaken your senses. Allow the breeze to cool your skin and the birds to be your music, let mother nature reignite your passion for the practice.”

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