Mindfulness: The New Years Resolution You Should Keep

Lindsay Tigar from Bustle shares some tips on how to fulfill your New Years Resolution by learning to practice mindfulness and self-reflection.

Mindfulness Bustle Article

How To Practice Mindfulness Into The New Year, Because It All Starts With Reflection

You can see it there, nagging at you in the very tail end of your calendar, reminding you that yep, another year has come and gone. So much happens in the 12 months or the 365 days or the 525,600 minutes that pass with time, and it can be overwhelming to think about how fast it flies. Most people use the New Year as a time to push an imaginary reset button, preparing them for a transformation, an opportunity, the drive to change something in their lives. But what experts are saying might be the better approach? Not having goals or a resolution, but instead, adopting a mindful approach to the New Year.

“The New Year is a good time to reflect back because it marks both the end of one chapter and the start of a new one. Moments like these offer a chance for ritual and ceremony, something lacking in the chaos of the stressful modern life. Marking the end of the year with reflection helps us be more intentional with our choices, and ensure that life doesn’t just pass us by,” psychology and life coach, Rebecca West tells Bustle.

If you’ve been meaning to check ‘Be more mindful’ off your mental to-do list for, like, ever and haven’t made time to make it a priority, let the New Year be your opportunity. Here, experts share the most mindful ways to enter the next span of your life with a sense of contentment, happiness and that ever-lusted after, zen.

Click here to read the full article which includes tips from senior Yoga Medicine teacher, Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham. Visit the Yoga Medicine team page to learn more about Amanda and our teaching staff.

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