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07: Navigating Burnout with Tiffany Cruikshank & Rachel Land

Tiffany Cruikshank and Rachel Land

We’ve all experienced burnout, whether in our work or our home lives, and it can leave us feeling so overwhelmed that we don’t know how to start finding our way out of it.

Today Tiffany and Rachel talk about what burnout is — what it looks and feels like, including some signals that can help us recognize it early. We share our personal experiences of burnout and offer a range strategies to explore (some of which may surprise you). We build a simple three-step plan to navigate out of burnout, and emphasize the importance of each of us tailoring that plan to our individual needs.

Listen in to find out how to get through burnout without losing your way.

“Be aware of your energy as currency; where are you spending your currency?” – Tiffany Cruikshank

“What are the things that bring me joy and zest in life that I’m missing and are there any ways I can factor them back in?” – Rachel Land

Show Notes:

  • What does burnout look and feel like; early warning signs to look out for [2:40]
  • “Languishing” as a subtle version of burnout [8:32]
  • A range of strategies to help manage burnout [12:14]
  • Going deeper than the cliche of “self-care” [17:22]
  • Why it can be tough to improve sleep quality during times of stress [21:19]
  • Viewing burnout through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine [23:02]
  • The preciousness of rest to rebuild resilience [25:42]
  • Recharging through curiosity and creativity [29:20]
  • Counter negativity with a gratitude practice [32:33]
  • Can we avoid burnout if our job is our passion? [38:39]
  • Which burnout strategy will be most effective for you? [42:55]
  • The characteristics of an actionable burnout management plan [45:02]

Links Mentioned:

“There is this critic that comes out when we’re really burnt out and everything is too much, it’s overwhelming, it’s negative.” – Tiffany Cruikshank

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