Improve Fascia Flexibility to Boost Overall Flexibility

Allison Candelaria of YogaMedicine shares the basics of Fascia, how the flexibility of your fascia impacts your overall flexibility, and how to improve it.

Allison Candelaria using a ball to treat tight fascia. Learn why your fascia flexibility might be able to improve your overall flexibility,

What is Fascia? The Flexibility Factor You’re Probably Missing on the Mat

From your big toe mound to your Crown Chakra, there’s a lot to think about on the mat. So we can’t blame you if you’ve never given your fascia flexibility a second (or first) thought. Senior Yoga Medicine teacher Allison Candelaria explains why you will want to start now though.

Fortunately, aware of it or not, every time we step onto our yoga mats, our fascial system benefits. Fascia, which means “band” or “bundle” in Latin, surrounds, connects and supports our muscles, organs, bones, tendons, ligaments and other structures of the body. Fascia is similar to the membrane around each section of an orange. It both separates and connects body parts. These tissues have nerves, so they also serve as a layer of protection and body awareness.

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About the Author

AllisonCandelaria_YogaMedicine_HSAllison Candelaria is a senior Yoga Medicine teacher and the owner of Soul Yoga studio in Oklahoma City, where she resides with her husband and two children. For Allison yoga was a perfect transition from her previous dancing career and complement to her professional work in the nonprofit sector. Her vinyasa flow classes are anatomically informed by years of study and uniquely incorporate myofascial release techniques to balance the mind, body and breath. She is currently working on her 1000-hour certification with Yoga Medicine. She has also had the privilege to be personally mentored by Tiffany Cruikshank herself. You can find Allison leading 200-hour training with Yoga Medicine around the world. She also teaches workshops, classes and privates in the midwest. Learn more on and

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