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Infrared Heat: The New Non-Workout Workout

By Sharon Feiereisen. 
We’re often guilty of seeking reward without effort, especially when it comes to exercise and weight loss. Motivating ourselves to go for a run with last night’s double fudge sundae digesting can be a challenge. This is something that becomes increasingly palpable as we head into the holiday season. There’s a reason we’re seeing a growing trend of no-workout workouts, like cryotherapy and EMS training, which purport to burn calories and bust fat with minimal to no effort. Infrared heat is the latest to join the fray and it can range from the completely passive, via a sauna, to active, via heated yoga. So, what is infrared heat and why are experts like Dr. Mehmet Oz and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow singing its praises?
Click here to read the full article with Tiffany Cruikshank’s insights on the detoxification benefits of infrared heat.

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