How Medications and Yoga Interact

A message from Tiffany:

I am excited to share this fantastic resource from one of our teachers – Margeaux Amerine. Margeaux has generously shared a reference chart she developed for the interactions between medications and yoga practice. Possible issues include dizziness, risk of falls, blood clotting and more.

Click here to view or download the chart for reference as you work with yoga clients.

About the Author

Margeaux graduated with her Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2008 from the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy in Iowa City, Iowa. She began practicing yoga the same year to help heal emotionally and physically after the loss of her father. Through the years yoga has remained an outlet in her life for growth and healing. In 2014, she completed her RYT-200 training with Yoga Medicine and is currently in the process of completing her RYT-500 with Yoga Medicine. She is a full-time practicing pharmacist and yoga teacher living on Whidbey Island, WA.

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