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Meditation: A New Type of Weight Loss Program

For decades, books have discussed the merits of losing weight and have offered weight loss program after weight loss program. From boosting your metabolism through exercise to radical diets and more. But very few have addressed self-talk, and whether this negative mental chatter is actually to blame for our extra weight.

Enter Tiffany Cruikshank’s latest book, Meditate Your Weight (Harmony Books, April 5, 2016), which offers no exercise regime – although she’d be qualified to do so as one of the leading yoga instructors in the world – nor eating plan.

Instead, she has you turn inward to acknowledge how your thoughts are affecting your body and your overall happiness. We all know that stress has negative effects on our body, but we often forget to take this one step further—if stress causes inflammation, depression, anxiety, and overeating, it also negatively affects our blood sugar levels, our dopamine levels and our overall chemical make-up.

By Melissa B. Williams for Healthy Lifestyles.

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