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The Anatomy of Fascia & How to Target it

Senior Yoga Medicine teacher Rachel Land breaks down the anatomy of fascia and four effective ways to keep it fit through yoga practice.

You’ve heard the most sure-fire approach to fitness is to “keep the body guessing,” but what if we said the same was true about flexibility? We know that fascial fitness is created in response to stress. Research, led by Robert Schleip, Ph.D., at the Fascia Research Project in Germany, suggests that fit, resilient fascia results from stressing our tissues in varied ways—stretching, compressing, and twisting them in multiple directions, at varying speeds, and under different loads. Looking more closely at the myofascial tissue, we can start to understand why.

Within our muscles are spindles that measure changes in muscle length. Each of these spindles has about 10 sensory receptors in the surrounding fascia. There are four different types of these myofascial mechanoreceptors. Each of these measures the mechanical load on our muscles and fascia and respond to different types of stress. Let’s breakdown and how we can target each of them on the mat.

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About the Author

Rachel Land

Rachel Land

Rachel found yoga as a teenager. It challenged her body, then calmed and clarified her mind. Over the next 20 years, through a Business Degree, a stint in corporate marketing, and international travels, it became a touchstone that she returned to repeatedly until it sparked the idea of something more. In 2011 Rachel finally became a Yoga Alliance registered teacher. Since then she has completed courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Sports Training & Development, Mentoring and Yin Yoga, and completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank and Yoga Medicine. She is a regular contributor to Yoga International and Yoga Journal, and a proud member of the Yoga Medicine teacher training team.

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