10 Top Yoga Gurus to Help You With Your Yoga Practice

By Dawna Stone for Project Bold Life.

More than 36 million people regularly practice yoga in the United States. It is estimated that one in three Americans have tried it at some point. Clearly, Eastern traditions of health and wellness have expanded into Western cultures. And along with this incredible growth, a number of yoga masters have emerged—yoga gurus who are not just enhancing individuals lives but entire communities as well.

Between 2012 and 2016, the number of people practicing yoga grew by more than 50 percent. More than 6,000 yoga studios now exist in the U.S., and there are countless options for online yoga practice and education. But how do you know which yoga guru is right for you? In an effort to help you decide, here are 10 of the top yoga gurus active today.

Elena Brower

Based in New York City, this yoga guru is a well-known author and speaker. In addition to offering online yoga practices on Glo.com, Brower’s first book Art of Attention has been translated into six languages and her second book, Practice You: A Journal is now a bestseller. From her Practice You Podcast to writings, to her global doTERRA team, Brower brings realistic reverence to every day. Her most recent project is a spoken word piece on the Flow State album by Above & Beyond.

Kino MacGregor

Founder of the Miami Life Center, Kino MacGregor has millions of followers on social media. As an international yoga guru, she promotes truth, non-violence, and love through daily deep spiritual practices. Primarily focused on Ashtanga Yoga, this yoga master has published four books and six DVDs. And she is frequently sought after as an inspirational speaker throughout the world.

Patrick Beach

Combining strength, flexibility and play, this yoga guru teaches a vigorous form of Vinyasa flow. His practices can be found online, and he trains through his Awakening Yoga Academy in Washington state. In addition to providing classes and workshops in Seattle, international events are also routinely held. In fact, many yoga teachers seek this yoga master to advance their skills.

Seane Corn

Founder of Off the Mat, Into the World, Corn is a truly inspirational yoga master. Through yoga, self-awareness, and community activism, yoga practitioners are encouraged to be a positive change. And this yoga guru practices what she preaches. She is involved in dozens of grassroots humanitarian efforts in addition to writing books, promoting online classes, and releasing DVD publications.

Baron Baptiste

Growing up with parents who were yoga masters was not as mainstream as it might be today. But for Baptiste, it became a way of life that he wanted to share. Today, his Baptiste Power Yoga combines physical, inquiry, and meditation practices to evoke balance and counterbalance. And as a yoga guru, he instills in others the importance of serving others instead of one’s self.

Jason Crandell

As a yoga guru, Crandell believes in challenging practices while seeking heightened awareness. His approach to Vinyasa Yoga involves power, precision, and mindfulness to promote continuous growth. In addition to international yoga master speaking engagements, Crandell offers teacher training and is an active author. He has also released yoga DVDs with Yoga Journal to expand access to his teaching.

Noah Mazé

Along with his wife, Tracy, this yoga master developed the “Mazé Method,” which advocates a precise, clean approach to yoga. In addition to an L.A.-based yoga instruction school, yoga classes can also be found at MazeONYoga.com. From curricular development to teacher training, to corporate consulting, Mazé is well-known as a top yoga guru.

Tiffany Cruikshank

Perhaps one of the most innovative yoga gurus, Cruikshank founded Yoga Medicine. Her practices uniquely combine Eastern wellness philosophies with Western medicine with attention to anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and yoga. With a masters’ education in plant biology, sports medicine, and Oriental medicine, this yoga master has pursued a different approach to health.

Kia Miller

As an international model and filmmaker, Miller found it important to be centered and to de-stress. Today, she has used those experiences to combine Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga in her Radiant Body Yogainstruction. In the process, she has become well-appreciated as a top yoga guru throughout the world. Her yoga master approach is one that focuses on interconnectivity, breath, and alignment to promote holistic wellness.

Kathryn Budig

Though born in Kansas, Budig received her yoga training in L.A. from Yogaworks. Since then, she has gone on to serve as yoga health editor for Women’s Health journal. And she is recognized internationally as a yoga master in teacher training and inspirational messaging. Likewise, she continues to spread her messages of being true to one’s self through her Aim True yoga DVDs.

At one time, yoga practices were slow to take off in the U.S. But today, millions practice yoga, with its popularity continuing to expand. The increased interest has in part been due to a shift in health and wellness perspectives, with reactive medicine giving way to preventative care. But at the same time, yoga masters have also highlighted the importance of holistic health. And this has served to advance the practice of yoga in the process.

Yoga is a wonderful way to promote complete health and well-being, as many have already realized. And for those who have not, the list of yoga gurus cited here can help enlighten you about its many benefits. Take the time and find the yoga practice best for you. Incorporating yoga practice into your life will not only make your life richer but also bolder.

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