62: Yoga During Menstruation: Yes or No?

Today hosts Rachel and Tiffany tackle the taboo topic of yoga during menstruation. We examine [...]

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8 Yoga Poses to Ease Tech Neck Pain

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. Gadgets may make the modern world go around, but [...]

61: What to Expect When You Dissect

There are always plenty of questions about dissections and how to prepare for them. Today, [...]

60: Strength Training Myths Debunked: Expert Insights with Jenni Tarma

The benefits of strength training for muscle and bone strength as well as metabolic, cognitive [...]

59: Explore the Dark Side: Community Conversations with Steph Wall

“Love and light” is a popular sentiment in the yoga world, but today’s guest would [...]

58: Supercharge Your Practice with Lymphatics: Expert Insights with Tiffany Cruikshank L.Ac, MAOM

Today Tiffany shares her passion for one of the body’s lesser-known and appreciated organ systems, [...]

The Holistic Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

By Mia Barnes for Yoga Medicine. Yoga provides benefits for your mind, body and soul. [...]

Top 3 Reasons Why Seva Is Everything

By Dr. Puja Shah for Yoga Medicine. Growing up as a first generation immigrant in [...]

57: Drishti, the Potency of Our Focus: Research Roundup

Today host Katja speaks with returning guest Diane Malaspina PhD about the concept of Drishti [...]

56: Controversial Cues Unpacked: Community Conversation with Dana Diament & Valerie Knopik PhD

Today’s episode is a lively conversation between host Rachel, Dana Diament and Valerie Knopik PhD [...]

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