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6 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism As You Get Older

Meghan Rabbitt for Prevention shares 6 ways to keep your metabolism going strong as you age. Learn how meditation can help boost your metabolism and help you shed some unwanted weight. Meditate

6 Ways To Keep Your Metabolism Revved As You Get Older

Feel like you can’t seem to lose weight as quickly as you used to? Notice that at each birthday, you have a few more lumps and bumps than you had the year before? You’ve likely heard that your metabolic rate—or how many calories you burn on a daily basis—declines as you age. But the good news is that there’s plenty you can do to give your slowing metabolism a big boost, says Matt Tanneberg, DC, a sports chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist in Phoenix.

“It’s never too late to start making changes that can have a huge, positive impact on your metabolism,” says Tanneberg. “Some of my 70-year-old patients have faster metabolisms than my 30-year-old patients. Proof that if you take care of your body, it will respond”. Take the right steps to boost your metabolism and keep it humming as you get older, follow this advice. (Lose up to 25 pounds in 2 months—and look more radiant than ever—with the new Younger In 8 Weeks plan!)


Stay with us here. This one might sound like a stretch, yet an increasing body of research is proving meditation’s undeniable role in optimizing our overall health—which includes our metabolism, says Tiffany Cruikshank LAc, an acupuncturist, yoga teacher, and author of Meditate Your Weight. “As we age, our stress load becomes more layered with complexities, which can slow our metabolism,” says Cruikshank. “Meditation is a great way to combat so much of this stress. It has been shown to have a hugely positive impact on everything from our metabolism and eating habits to optimizing cognitive function and heart health.”

Click here to read the five other suggestions managing a healthy weight with age or visit the Yoga Medicine website to learn more about Meditate Your Weight: a 21-day Retreat to Optimize Your Metabolism and Feel Great.

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