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MFR for Joint Conditions – Specifically Osteoarthritis in the Hip

By Emily D’Alterio for Yoga Medicine.

2. Quadriceps

Place ball on your quad starting above knee & work slowly up thigh. Roll & compress on trigger points. Lower leg can relax or slowly moving heel to glutes.

3. TFL

Top of ITB – Lay on your side, please ball on the front of your hip (at your pocket), below bony protrusion. Compress then move lower, cover the whole outer edge of hip.

4. Erector Spinae & QL

Place two balls on either side of the spine, above the pelvis. Roll up & down the back, pausing to compress in lower, middle & upper back. Pause in the lower back, take knees to one side and pause. Repeat other side.

5. Feet

Place ball under foot – make slow circles under the foot, pause on trigger points at toe mounds, ball of foot and arch, scribble the heel, roll from toes to heel covering entire surface.

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