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11: Motivation & Identity with Kirsten Beverley-Waters

Tiffany Cruikshank and Rachel Land

When was the last time you asked yourself: what do I truly want? Today we are talking about motivation and identity with someone who asks themselves that question multiple times a day. Author, yoga teacher, and fitness coach Kirsten Beverley-Waters holds a B.S. from Kent State University along with multiple qualifications from the American College of Sports Medicine, CrossFit, and Precision Nutrition.

No stranger to struggle, Kirsten teaches movement through the lens of mental wellness, setting her clients up for success when facing the inevitable challenges of life. In this episode Kirsten shares that, to keep up motivation in the longterm, we need to choose goals that speak to us personally then find joy in the repetition of the little things that get us closer to our goals. She talks with Rachel about her plans to break a world record in 2022 in support of the Trevor Project and LGBTQ youth, and the importance of all of us understanding our own identity in order to show up more authentically in our lives.

Listen in to learn how to choose goals that excite and inspire, how to manage unavoidable ebbs and flows in motivation, and the importance of making friends with struggle.

“It’s not perfect. That’s why it’s a practice.” – Kirsten Beverley-Waters

“Showing up is powerful.” – Kirsten Beverley-Waters

Show Notes:

  • What inspired Kirsten’s interest in sports performance and coaching [3:18]
  • Running as an escape from early struggles [5:46]
  • Beginning yoga practice during cancer treatment [9:17]
  • Accepting the call to teach yoga [12:13]
    Kirsten’s world record goal for 2022, supporting the Trevor Project and LGBTQ youth [14:07]
  • Finding life goals that inspire and excite us [21:40]
  • Journalling as a tool to help us clarify our thoughts and intentions [26:51]
  • How to keep showing up once we’ve chosen a goal [29:49]
  • The power of repetition [32:30]
  • Reframing struggle [36:10]
  • Lessons from strength training: failure as a prompt for growth [41:05]
  • More tips to sustain motivation longterm [44:19]
  • The importance of rest and recovery [46:45]
  • Why consideration of personal identity is important for all of us to show up authentically [52:28]

Links Mentioned:

“It didn’t work because I didn’t get there for the right reason.” – Kirsten Beverley-Waters

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