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40: Lessons Learned Inverted with Amelia Schrader

The image of a handstand or forearm stand on the beach is such a stereotype [...]

39: MFR Applications & Research

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja are focusing in on myofascial release (MFR) applications and the [...]

38: Yoga and Medication with Dr. Mariya Farooqi

Optimal health sometimes requires the support of both western science and other interventions — like [...]

37: Lead with Heart, Yoga as Service with Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham

Compassion and service are at the heart of yoga philosophy. Many of us see overwhelming [...]

36: Shoulder IQ: What, Why & How

Our shoulders are something of an underdog, but just because the joints and muscles of [...]

35: Fascia & the Autonomic Nervous System

Today hosts Tiffany and Katja continue the discussion on fascia and more specifically how our [...]

34: Live YOUR Life with Kathryn Budig! Bravery, Balance, Body Positivity & Celebrating Pride Month

Many of us feel the weight of others’ expectations to look, speak, or feel a [...]


33: Age Well with Yoga with Mark Hunter

Today’s guest Mark Hunter took a long road to teaching yoga, including almost 3 decades [...]


32: Harness Your Potential, Yoga for Athletes with Jenni Tarma & Alison Heilig

How do we as yoga instructors help athletes train to stay healthy, durable, resilient, and [...]

31: The Power of Intention with Diane Malaspina PhD

Today we explore the concept of intention—one of the core principles of what we do [...]

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