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57: Drishti, the Potency of Our Focus: Research Roundup

Today host Katja speaks with returning guest Diane Malaspina PhD about the concept of Drishti [...]

56: Controversial Cues Unpacked: Community Conversation with Dana Diament & Valerie Knopik PhD

Today’s episode is a lively conversation between host Rachel, Dana Diament and Valerie Knopik PhD [...]

55: Resolutions, Healthy Habits, & Kicking Off 2023

Happy New Year! Today, hosts Tiffany and Rachel start 2023 on the right foot by [...]


54: Love Those Hips! All About the Hip Labrum

Today hosts Tiffany and Rachel delve into a sometimes controversial topic in the medical and [...]


53: Favorite Takeaways & Recaps – Our One Year Celebration

As the year comes to a close, hosts Tiffany, Rachel, and Katja take a look [...]

52: Nitric Oxide: Research Roundup

Nitric Oxide (NO) has been on people’s minds for a few years now in the [...]

51: Breast Cancer & Yoga: Expert Insights with Breast Cancer Surgeon Doreen Wiggins MD

Today host Rachel talks to Breast Cancer Surgeon Doreen Wiggins MD about yoga and breast [...]


50: Stronger After Surgery: Community Conversations with Alice Blunden

At some point all of us will experience an injury, perhaps significant enough to disrupt [...]

49: Epigenetics, Mental Health & Yoga: Expert Insights with Valerie Knopik PhD

Our biology certainly influences our health and behavior, but the environment can also have a [...]


48: Research Roundup: Female Hormones

Today hosts Katja and Tiffany discuss the empowerment that comes with an understanding of female [...]

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