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Understand Anatomy to Build Hip Joint Stability

Many students come to yoga seeking more flexibility in the hips, but can too much of what we think of as a ‘good thing’ end up working against us?

Once we become more flexible, we tend to crave the release we achieve from the deeper variations of hip openers such as single-legged pigeon. By continuing to push further and further, without any regard for the hip joint stability, there is potential for the joints to become taxed. Therefore, the essential support that maintains the integrity of the joint diminishes and hypermobility can become more pronounced.

One way to combat this is to start noticing what’s tight and what’s weak and stop pushing deeper into the areas in which we have more flexibility. Balance is key. The simple act of cultivating mindfulness within your practice and honouring what you feel can help a lot.

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Warrior III pose can help build hip joint stability.

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