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Yin Yoga for Chest & Hips

By Shannon Stephens for Yoga Medicine®.

Sit a lot? Shannon Stephens, 500 E-RYT Yoga Medicine teacher, created this Yin Yoga sequence to open the chest and hip flexors; and it is an easily accessible practice for yogis of all levels. For most of us, the front side of the body is inherently tight. Less than ideal postural habits and lots of time on our seat results in tight pectoral muscles, rigid sides, tense hip flexors, and shallow breathing. This short yin sequence offers poses that free the front of the body and support the respiratory system by lengthening the tissues around the chest and ribcage. Note that Shannon is showing only one side of two-sided postures. Be sure to pause the video to complete your second side and have a way to keep track of time.

Find the original video on Yoga Medicine’s Youtube channel.

About the Author

Shannon Stephens

Shannon Stephens

Shannon Stephens is a 500 E-RYT Yoga Medicine teacher based in Oklahoma City. She specializes in yin, vinyasa, and meditation and has additional training in mindfulness meditation and Thai Yoga bodywork. She is the owner of This Land Yoga & co-founder of Awake OKC, a non-profit organization that offers weekly meditation classes and mindfulness training for public schools, prisons, and recovery programs.

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