Try this Yoga Flow to Boost Energy Levels Naturally and Tiffany Cruikshank show off a yoga flow that will help you boost energy levels naturally, and recharge for whatever comes next.

This Invigorating Yoga Flow Is the Best Way to Get Energized

When the going gets tough, yoga. That’s our mantra this spring. This flow is proof that deep breaths and a little movement can work wonders on your energy levels. It’s led by Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine and an expert in the restorative power of yoga. The sequence is meant to wake you up, and help you find your center; so you finish your practice calmer than before, but also invigorated. The routine will also help you feel more connected to your body, as you challenge your muscles and build stamina.

While yoga doesn’t raise your heart rate quite like high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, it does come with its own set of stellar health benefits. Regular yoga sessions can help to reduce migraines, improve sleep quality, and even boost your sex life, thanks to poses that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (and in turn make your orgasms bigger and better).

Of course, yoga has the power to change your body for the better too. The ancient practice can lead to longer, leaner muscles since it stretches your limbs while building strength simultaneously.

Want to get it on the action? Follow along as Cruikshank guides you through a yoga flow that will recharge your batteries stat. It’s perfect for vinyasa novices as well as longtime yogis. Whether you do this routine first thing in the morning, or right in the middle of your afternoon slump, it will leave you feeling healthier and happier, guaranteed. Click here to watch Tiffany’s 20-minute energizing flow.

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